Finally! Zoë Secrets and Lies published on Wordhaus!


Joy, joy

Me being very happy, happy..


I want my blessings of divine interruptions


Rewrite, Rewrite & Rewrite MORE!!


Yes, I’m bragging I received 3rd place in Thriller genre for short story contest, but then who wouldn’t?

I’ve been working on this short story for months. At first I wanted it to be a full book, but I remember all the ebooks, advice, and vast knowledge I’ve received from so many authors. Start writing a blog, take those stories from your blog, and make each blog a short story.

If any of you great readers look at my past stories, they are about every single event from my early days in England to the early days in the U.S. So at that point I thought I would take those stories and write a book.

Yet I had one short story that I never knew where to add it, part fiction and part non-fiction. The contest was to write a story that was fiction, none of my life is fiction, but I managed to make it work and I’m proud of what I did and I’m sure if you’ve read this story before, you’re seeing it again, but this time..I WON THIRD PLACE!! So now I acually have something to show that, “I’m a real writer”


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