Dear Mr. Reince Priebus…

*On May 16 I felt a real pulling on my heart to write a letter to Reince Priebus, Chairman of the GOP. I felt he was allowing a candidate to pull his strings in this election year. He allowed a mean spirited, racist, candidate to publish lies about a certain conservative candidate that did nothing to him except be in the 2016 election and get caught in the middle.

Since the days of Lincoln, and before, there have always been political mudslinging in election years, but in over 100 years, there has never been the downright disrespect by one candidate.
I was tired of tweeting my anger, I was tired of writing the same things over and over again. I was tired of being called names, and nothing I or others were objecting to were making a dent. We were literally going back in time when prejudice was rampant and acceptable. We were acting like brothers against brother, race against race, and one man was not standing up to this. I had to call him out on it.
This is the letter I wrote on May 16, 2016 to Reince Preibus. It was never acknowledged by him, just social media. If you haven’t read it, I hope you do with he understanding that this is 2016, not 1936.

We live in a free world and, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.
May 16, 2016

Dear Mr. Priebus

My name is Donna McGuinness. I live in GA but lived in NJ/NY area for many years and while going to school. NJ was always my revolving door but it was home. The reason I’m saying this in the beginning of this letter is because I am what Donald Trump calls, an immigrant.

My father was always an evangelical preacher who, like my Mum, were born and raised in England. My entire family is from the UK and I was also born in Watford, outside of London. We traveled all over the British Isles while my dad preached in various churches. We never had a ‘house’. We learned to live in whatever circumstance that were presented. Whether it was a family that housed us for a night in a bedroom, or a floor; wherever we placed our head was our ‘house’ that particular night.

While we lived in England we also traveled in the United States. We couldn’t afford to fly from one state to another so we bought a 1965 Dodge Green Van. The guts of it were taken out and my sisters and I would play, eat and sleep in the back of it, while traveling to one church after another. I personally have moved in England and the United States more than 48 times, it was what one does when your family is serving the Lord.

During the greatest times of my life, we never complained, we knew what always layed ahead of us. My dad was (still) the greatest and youngest evangelical minister in his time. He served God not like the preachers you see now in mega churches. He served God knowing when we ate or could afford to have a house, that the money came from others to spread the news of God. Many times we had church services in the oddest places. In Canada we stayed on an Indian Reservation for several days in the poorest areas one could only imagine, and I remember sleeping on the floor because they had no other room to give us. Life was hard, but beautiful and full of blessings too.

Both my parents were also in WWII. My grandfather helped with the men in Dunkirk and my other grandfather had a taxi in London. He took the helpless, or severally injured in his taxi to any hospital that hadn’t been bombed out. My grandfathers were my heros. My great Uncles were both killed in Germany while parachuting, unbeknownst to them they landed in a concentration camp and were executed. Our family has gone through a lot.

In 1968 my father was asked to permantly move to the USA and live in Brooklyn, NY. To leave the continuous traveling and take up Pastoring at a church in the worst part of Brooklyn, due to his reputation that followed him from England, here to the states. We arrived at Pier 96 on June 27, 1968 via the SS France. My dad wanted to make the move to the ‘country that was the ONLY FREE country’ by ship, and teach us how living in the United States would change us forever.
We were tugged into the harbor on the hottest day of that month. My Dad pointed out the Statue of Liberty, saying “Donna, see the way she holds that torch? It means she’s inviting us into this country. The United Sates means only one thing to us, and don’t ever forget it, he said, It’s the land of the home of all the brave men and women who gave their lives to save others, like they did for your Mum and I in WWII. Without the United Sates, England could have been part of Hitlers world. They helped us and we are alive to tell everyone. Learn everything you can about this country, it’s never going to be a communist country like Russia or Germany is right now. This is your NEW HOME!” With a tear in his eye, he wrapped me around his arms and said, “You will never go without here…”

Mr. Priebus, I’ve always believed in my adopted country. I always believed that my country would always stand up for us when others let us down. I remember Watergate in 1973 and remember the bi-partisan stance that every Senator and Congressman took regarding Nixon and his lies. I remember the greatest President of my lifetime, Ronald Reagan, telling Gorbachov to “Take down this wall!” and because of that wonderful man, the communist countries began to listen.

We can go back and pick other great Presidents too, but I want to say a few things about how I believe as many other people believe, Donald Trump will never be a great President. He has the largest following of neo Nazis, racist haters, the KKK and other groups he refuses to denounce. He has been given more free air time @foxnews more than any other candidate. He refuses to release his tax returns, he calls every candidate any name he wants, breaking Reagans 11th Commandment. He promises his cult of hundreds of thousands, things he has already gone back on. He told the news that Raphael Cruz, a wonderful man, was involved in JFK assassination, which technically is a ‘battery’ charge, the day before the Indiana Primary. Then 2 days later said he made it up to get a rise out of everyone!

He has divided our Nation, brother against brother, Christian against Christian, to see them drool over him. He has lied about the only descent conservative born again Christian man we had running since Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz. He placed lies about him in the National Enquirer, which has never come to fruition. He called him the Zodiac Killer, when technically that killer was killing before Cruz was born! He said on May 11, 2016, “I love debt!! The US treasury can make more money, come on?!” He knows nothing about the constitution yet wants to appoint Supreme Court Justices? He claims the delegate process is the worst thing ever, yet according to his tweets in 2012, he understood it completely when Mitt Romney was running. He puts suggestions in his followers ears and they take it upon themselves to make terroristic threats against delegates in any state he looses delegates. When his followers read his tweets, they then call the delegate, then place their home information including phone numbers, addresses, and pictures of each delegate and their family. The family is then threatened with either bodily harm or statements telling each delegate “not to show up at the convention or your life is in danger.”

Yet I think the worst case against him is, he hates Jews! He has retweeted ‘White Genocide’ Jew haters showing cartoons of Jews being thrown in ovens and why they are the ‘filth of this world’, while laughing at the cartoons! His following on tweeter is over 70,000 KKK White Supremacists, and not one time have they been denounced by him nor the GOP!

This is a job interview for the highest office in the land! He is not only the worst candidate ever running for office, but most of our Senators, Congress and yourself, conveniently have closed their ears and eyes to this MAN!

Yes, I am part of the conservative movement, but Ted Cruz wasn’t even given a chance to ever defend himself on anything said against him or his family because the GOP never stepped in. You never took a stance against Trump. You never said, “Donald this has to stop, politics are one thing but destroying a mans reputation is another”. None of you did that except Rep Lee and Sen Sasse, I’m sure there are more, but no one thought to even stop this childish behavior before it got out of hand.

On Twitter the Ted Cruz is not the enemy, but daily we are fighting the enemy, the cult of trump! We are being called disgusting names, threatening our Iives because we don’t want trump as Pres, and worst the constant harassment that Twitter doesn’t do a thing about. You are not only allowing a man to presumptively become the next Republican candidate to run against Hilary Clinton, but you have allowed a man to do, say, and act like a spoiled child to run in the November election!

What year are we in? 1936 where Hitler said, did, and acted any way he wanted to and Germany wound up the worst country post WWII because of his actions? Or are we in 2016 where we listened to Martin Luther King, Jr. and one man changed the course of the all white Senate and their prejudices.
I know I speak for many, and I know that when Reagan was asked in the 60’s why he left the Democratic Party he said, “I didn’t leave the Party, the Party left me”. That is our stance. We can say #NeverTrump 1000 times a day, but until you realize that you have created a monster and until that monster owns up to his ways, which he won’t, we will never vote for the GOP candidate in November 2016. We won’t be sitting on our hands, we will enter the voting booth to #WriteInTedCruz and proudly do it. If HRC wins the general election, so be it. We have been trying to tell you this for months and not one time have you acknowledged us or even said something about it in the most bias media ever!
We are fed up, upset, angry, hurt for Ted Cruz and his great family, and I will not vote for a man that has absolutely no qualifications for the President of the United States of America!

I came to this country a proud 8 year old. I grew up proud of my new adopted country. I raised my 5 children always telling them “this is the greatest country in the world, be thankful and grateful for everything you have in the US since other countries are right now fighting for what we have always had”. I did that as a married woman, as well as a single mom in 1987. I will always say we live in a country that is greater than any other Nation in this world. ‘Make America Great Again’ was never Donald Trumps saying, it was Ronald Reagan’s political wording back in 1980 when we were fighting the Iran Hostage situation and loosing a lot from he previous administration. My point is, when you have a human being who can say and do what he wants, believes he quotes from himself, when the quotes are coming from Karl Marx. When the only countries endorsing him are from North Korea or Russia? When he says, “I wouldn’t put it past myself to nuke a country?” There is a problem here!

So in closing Mr. Priebus, you have allowed a creation of the worst candidate since the GOP started with Lincoln. The GOP died on May 3, 2016. A 3rd party candidate will not be Ted Cruz and won’t beat HRC. What I wanted to explain to you was a letter from an immigrant that Donald Trump would probably love to deport back to the UK. I may be a mother of 5 children and I may be one voice, but I am a voice among many other voices, we are united in one thing and one thing only, we will never vote for a fraud and liar, Donald Trump and we will never vote for a democratic liberal woman Hilary Clinton, because one equals the other, and neither is the lesser of 2 evils, they are both evils.
May God Bless this great country that has blessed us, given us everything we have ever wanted and needed. She has also been a disappointment to us as well, but I don’t believe we have to settle for less. I don’t believe our forefathers fought tyranny against the British and then walked away, because through all the things they didn’t have, the guns they didn’t have or even shoes to fight in. Their fight was for freedom! Freedom, so that one day the generations that followed would be proud to say, “We were loved so much, that we as individuals were fought for, just like God fought for His love….”

Donna McGuinness (@donnasfineart)

“In my heart and the hearts of many conservatism lives on. Not hatred, not anger, not racism, but a healing in this land that will never be reached unless we take each other’s hands, and remember…we are NOT WHITE! We are a melting pot of generations, and each generation has a different tag. Let’s act like human beings, not angry citizens caught up on who’s better than the next…”

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