Surgery…prayer..anger…and prayer 

The pain that exists within a body

You can’t expel anymore

The pain you cause others 

You refuse to expel it

The pain you cause your body

You refuse to let it go

You cry out over and over

You hear others, “we’re praying over and over….”

But you don’t care

Because the hate you have for yourself and others you want paid back

Paid back for the injury

Paid back for material items lost

Paid back for things your body can now longer do

This isn’t living, its existing in a body that has died to anger

To hate

You have allowed the power of un forgiveness and anger to reign 

God has given us the power to ask and receive

” I will heal you, love you with unconditional love, I released the pain you still harbor as a boat waits in the harbor to leave, throw off the bowlines…sail away from your safety net, it no longer exists. My burden has always been light..cover me with your pain and anger…yet you refuse to listen just as you refuse to be forgiven. My tears are flowing for you my child, yes I cry, my Father cried while I was dying on the cross…but you are the only one who can take my hand…let me lead you to the peace that passes all understanding, the peace only I the risen Savior can take you to…the peace given my disciples, the fire inside them, I only was able to give. I come to give you life, life more abundantly than any material item or man will or can give you in this world that is falling further and further away from Me…Hold my hand, don’t let go, let the pain you’ve received blow away like a cloud blowing in the wind. Our time on earth is nearly over…and on that day when you’re still holding on, I will receive you into Glory to live an Eternal life that only I, your Lord Jesus Christ can give you…paths of gold, nothing man could ever make..only I your Father knows…I love you Mike…I know every hair counted on your head and I know each thought you have ever had..whether it’s anger…or love and adoration…I am here….with Me, you can crawl, then you will walk, and then run, but you can’t until your eyes are on the goal….to live”

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