It’s raining..

My feet can’t touch the floor
It’s cold and damp
My body wants to stay asleep
I’d rather have a day of snow than a day of rain

I feel alone when it rains
Yet I love thunder and lightening?
But not cold, damp, gloomy rain
I feel depressed
Not wanting to go or do anything

The dogs need walking
Oh please not in this!
I’m bitchy, I’m moody, I make excuses
I stay in my PJ’s all day long
Sit on the couch, wasting away
Watching TV

No, I don’t like rain
It’s not refreshing or warm
In the cold, damp, winter days
Take it away!
Push the clouds away
Let the sun brighten my day

No, I don’t like rain…
I ache, is it from gloom, depression, or being alone
Let me stay in bed
And wake up tomorrow

No…I don’t like rain…

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